The LiLi Centre is a big supporter of the arts community and offers a number of activities geared toward arts and culture. From supporting local artists to hosting classes and art therapy sessions, the LiLi Centre is committed to supporting the artistic community here in Luzern. We offer a flexible venue that can be adapted for a number of artistic events, including exhibitions, classes, workshops, and more.

Lucerne World Theatre Company

The Lucerne World Theatre Company now has its home at the LiLi Centre, where it will be using the space to host adult and kids acting classes, as well as play readings and special-themed theatre workshops. Visit their website to learn more about joining their theatre troupe or getting involved in a local production here in Luzern.

Exhibition Space

We invite local artists and photographers to use the LiLi Centre for exhibitions and showings. Space is available both in The Pad and The Hive for displaying artworks, and can be used to host opening parties and viewings as well. If you are interested in hosting an exhibtion please contact us at

Classes and workshops

We are looking to expand our classes and workshops and the LiLi Centre to include art, theatre, music, photography, and more. If you are interested in hosting a class or artistic group at the centre, please contact us at