Time to Glam-Up!

Location: LiLi Centre

Tonight Mea will be helping us glam up using our own products and suggesting how we can enhance our beauty routine.

We will look at our daily beauty routine, what is important for our skin to be shiny, healthy and to have a good base for foundation .  

Through the procedure from 1. Moisturizer,  2.Primer,  3.Foundation,  4.Concealer, 5. Contouring, Bronzer,  Highlighter , Blush, 6. Eyebrows 7. Eyes,  8 .Pressed powder, 9 .Lips, we will find out which techniques, motions and tools are the best to use!  

Then we will learn which kind of effects will bring the look to glam level for the party season!

Join us for a fun evening about all things make-up (and enjoy a glass of bubbly – or two).

Each participants should bring their own basic make-up products (including moisturisers and brushes), Mea will show you how to refine and enhance your make-up routine.

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